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7 Facts About Me!

Yesterday the marvelous Meredith tagged me with the Blissful Blogger Award. (If you have not stopped by her blog, you are seriously missing out!) `
It TOTALLY made my day! The rules of the “game” are that I must share 7 facts about me! Without further ado, here goes:
1)      My favorite hobby on earth is people watching and/or eavesdropping. I have an older sister, and my love of “overhearing” conversation began at a very young age. I loved “spying” on her. (Sorry, Hannah!) My people watching is a skill. It is thrilling to contemplate a stranger’s identity, just like a character in a book.
In college at William and Mary, I loved sitting on a bench in Williamsburg and watching all of the tourists. It was AWESOME. There is such a random mixture of people of any and all demographics. The matching outfit families were my favorite.The way that people talk and relate is so incredibly interesting.
I also adore people watching and ESPECIALLY eavesdropping when I travel. The airport and on airplanes are perfect opportunities. I even witnessed a pilot and a flight attendant checking in to the airport hotel. There giggling conversation was disgustingly AWESOME. I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing!
2)      I was a rower in both high school and in college.
 Princeton wanted me to be in their lightweight crew. The weekend living like a Princetonian rower left me with one pivotal plan: GET OUT. I knew I wanted to row in college, but I also wanted to have a life outside rowing. In my time rowing for W&M I was able to occupy several roles: Primarily I  stroked or was bow seat with light-weight 8 boats.   I also was a coxswain for the men’s crew. Basically I steered the boat and screamed at boys–not a bad gig! 🙂 It was a very COLD job!
3)      I LOVE playgrounds and jungle gyms. I try to play on them whenever I see one. I love the idea of swinging and going down SLIDES! Don’t even get me started on the see-saw! When was the last time you did that?
4)      After every race I run, I have to call my mom (Mumsie) to tell her I am alive.
Mumsie fully respects and affirms my physical pursuits, but she also worries sick about each and every one. After every race I have a ton of pictures of me, looking exhausted, on the phone with Mumsie. Lately, we have found that being VERY vague about the distance of each race is a better way to go!
5)      I played the harp in college. I played the piano for 12 years and liked it, but did not love it! The harp was amazing. I enjoyed every lesson. My mom was a concert harpist in college and we own one of her harps. However, she NEVER played for us. She was too bashful! Anyways, I loved playing the harp and would love to take more lessons!
6)      I love entering baking contests!I entered the Emmaus Pumpkin Bake-Off last October. I took this challenge to heart. My kitchen was covered in nothing but pumpkin. My two entries were mini-pumpkin whoopie-pies, and cinnamon frosted pumpkin pop-tarts. I came out with a 2nd place ribbon–it was all in the pop-tart.  I fully plan on participating in this years Emmaus Pumpkin Bake-Off.
7) The final fact about me is one that I try never to draw any attention to, as it often spurs many follow-up questions: I do not drink any alcohol–no beer, no wine–nada! I have tried to like the taste of it, but my revulsion remains.
This is how I celebrated turning 21: I ordered a Shirley Temple with NINE cherries! It was delicious!
Chase and I wanted to do something to help me remember my 26th birthday so I ordered this fruity drink, where the alcohol was supposed to be basically “undetectable.” HOLY SMOKES. It was AWFUL. I literally may have ingested teaspoon by the end of the night. It just tasted SO bad.
I always worry that I am the super odd girl that doesn’t drink. Sometimes I am tempted to just order any beer on the menu and just stare at it–just so that friends don’t feel like I am  “judging” them. Recently, I have become more comfortable in explaining that I have a genuine aversion to alcohol but have no problem if others wish to imbibe.Has anyone else had a problem like this? Is there something all of your friends like to do, that simply is not your cup of tea? How do your negotiate this situation?


About paleorunnergirl

I am obsessed with cooking, running and reading! I teach American Literature at the college level, but enjoy books of all kind! After years of GI issues and being prescribed numerous medications, I found perfection in eating Paleo! I am no longer bloated, nauseous, or miserable on a daily basis. I have delved into creating Paleo recipe-making and embracing an active and playful life!

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  1. I love these blissful blogger posts – you get to learn so much cool stuff! That’s awesome that you played the harp! Also, I totally love playgrounds, too. I sometimes go swing on the swings at a local elementary school in the evenings just for fun 🙂

  2. Aw! I love that you are a fellow playground lover!!! Swinging is such a stress-reliever!


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