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7 Years Ago Today…

Chase and I had our very first kiss and became “official.”

We were mere babes!

Our first kiss is actually a funny story.

You see, Chase and I had been “friends” for a year. We definitely had mutual crushes on each other, but we had not done anything to move it to the next level.

We watched movies together:

And we played games. No, not mind games, for real games:

(P.S. I am amazing at Guess Who…like Olympic level amazing)

However, on October 4, 2004, Chase IM’ed meΒ  (Yes, this was pre-facebook and pre-texting). He asked if I could meet him on Yates Field at 9PM. Yates Field was this giant green space where the stars were always perfectly visible. While I thought this was a bit strange, I had a feeling that Chase might just be working up the courage to take it to the next level. I remember giggling to me roommate that maybe he was going to “ask me out!”

So I met him at Yates Field at 9pm and he had a blanket spread out so we could look at the stars and “talk.” Honestly, I remember very little about what he said. He seemed very nervous and kept talking about a dream he had several weeks ago. He finally began describing the dream and got to the dramatic ending, where he said: “We were boyfriend/girlfriend and the dream ended with me kissing you.” And then he went for the kiss…ON MY CHEEK. Well, I had no idea he was intending to kiss me on the cheek. You see, I am definitely a good Southern girl, but I thought that a tall, handsome, sophomore boy in college probably kissed on the lips…right?! So I turned my face at the last minute and we ended up having the most awkward side-of-the-mouth kiss EVER.

It. Was. Bad. In retrospect, it is even more awful because that was our last first kiss ever! If we had known then that we would be married, I am sure we would have done much better! πŸ™‚

However, I guess it was a perfect first-kiss for us, because nothing is ever “normal” or “usual” about us!

Plus, it is kind of nice to begin a relationship with the most awkward experience ever, because you have no where else to go but up!

When we were dating, we always had sweet little celebrations for our anniversary. We had a peanut-butter-and-jelly dinner date for our first anniversary and a lovely picnic lunch for our second anniversary.

We would always exchange cards, and a children’s book (one of our traditions for all anniversaries, holidays, and birthdays).

This is actually our 5th dating anniversary that we have been married, but this year I think we are bringing back the celebration in a big way. In the past, we have gotten a little lax about it, but not today! In fact, Chase has been building up anticipation for DAYS.

To be 100% honest, when Chase asked me, “Do you know what happens on Tuesday?” I responded: “Yeah, Apple makes its announcement about the iPhone.”

My. Bad.

However, this morning I woke up to this little beauty:

Game. On.

I have also been directed that “The Frugal Frog has taken vacation. Wear something fancy tonight.”

I think someone needs to go card and children’s book shopping today!

Are you a big “Celebrator?” What are some of your favorite traditions?

I am usually a huge celebrator…when I remember! And I love love love our children’s book gift-giving tradition!


About paleorunnergirl

I am obsessed with cooking, running and reading! I teach American Literature at the college level, but enjoy books of all kind! After years of GI issues and being prescribed numerous medications, I found perfection in eating Paleo! I am no longer bloated, nauseous, or miserable on a daily basis. I have delved into creating Paleo recipe-making and embracing an active and playful life!

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  1. AWWW – what a sweet post!!

    You know me and Louis had the WORST first ever kiss too. He lent in to kiss me – and I thought I was kissing back really well …. but then I had just arrived at our first date kind of drunk from a previous date with my ex boyfriend, so apparently my judgement was off. Anyway – I thought it was fine, but according to Luis I was being really weird because he pulled back and said (I kid you not) ‘Wow – that was a big mistake and Im really regretting doing that’. Which I thought was just in response to my kiss! Can you imagine!

    Anyway fast forward a month and all was sorted… fast forward 4 years and we are married – just like you guys! I just got back from holiday yesterday but Im having so much fun catching up on your cute blog. I wish I could write in such a clear and sweet way!

    Have an awesome time tonight – later alligator! xox

  2. Love this post!!

    I’m more in to celebrating the accomplishments of others, instead of myself.

    I love how y’all celebrate things and I can’t wait to hear what he has in store your you today!!

    Happy dating anniversary!

  3. sooooo cute!! Happy anniversary, I hope tonight is wonderful πŸ™‚ I’m actually not a big celebrator.. but I think I should become one… I would love to celebrate the little things in life.. and the big things!

  4. This is so so nice, Happy Anniversary πŸ™‚

  5. Hahah I thought you meant a children’s book for…. future children LOL. Very cute story, happy anniversary!

  6. Hope you have a great anniversary! I love celebrating!

  7. This story made me smile and laugh! Sometimes awkward moments happen for the best– like you said, there’s no where to go but up. Happy anniversary! Can’t wait to read about what Chase has planned :)!

  8. Oh! YAY! I love it!!! I love celebrating. We’ve been doing something little on each MONTH of our marriage anniversary. I love any excuse to bake a cake or go out to fro-yo or whatever!! So sweet! Can’t wait to hear about your night! I want to see the books too!

  9. Aw! How sweet!!!! πŸ™‚ …That first kiss story is amazing! It is crazy to think that it was the last first kiss you’d ever get but that story and all the love and nerves behind it make it so darn perfect! ❀
    I love your tradition of children's books & a card! AWESOME!!! ….Those flowers make my heart melt, and they aren't even for me! Soooo sweet! Enjoy your night!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚


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