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Frugal Frog Friday: Discount Warehouse Edition

Hello Lovely Blog Readers!!!

Happy Frugal Frog Friday!

Today I want to talk about joining Sam’s Club.

My guess is you are all familiar with Sam’s; it is a Discount Warehouse akin to Costco and BJ’s. While I love Costco, we do not have any within 100 miles of us (Boo). We have had trial memberships at BJ’s, but I have never been very impressed and never thought it was worth the money.

Now, first off, I am in NO WAY affiliated with Sam’s. I am simply a girl with a mission: to get things as cheap as possible! When I started contemplating Sam’s, I refused to pay for a membership unless I was POSITIVE it was worth it. Well let me tell you, it was MORE than worth it!

One of the things that instantly talked me into joining was that Sam’s has a Student membership. Since Chase and I are both still in school (Medical School and Ph.Dn) we paid $40 (The price of an Annual Membership), but then got a $15 gift card! So basically an annual membership only cost us $25.

We have made WAY more than that back from all of the discounts, and we honestly do not buy that much. In fact, we made a verbal agreement that we would not buy any perishable food unless we KNEW we could finish it in less than a week. We also cannot buy it unless we NEED it.

So here are just a handful of items that have more than paid for the membership:

Before I went Paleo I, like most of America, was obsessed with Greek Yogurt. In fact the sole factor that convinced me to join Sam’s was their insane price for Chobani.

This 320z:

Cost a mere $4.56

That is AT LEAST $1.50 less than other grocery stores. If you buy one carton of Chobani a week/year, you have more than paid for your membership on that savings alone.

However, since going Paleo, Sam’s has still totally had my back.

Exhibit A:

That, my friends, is 26 oz Almond Butter. Now at Trader Joe’s 16oz cost $4.99, at Target, 12oz cost $7.

The Sam’s Price:

Um, Awesome.

You can also get some great deals on produce. For example, today I got 4lbs of strawberries for:

At Price Rite (aka the cheapest store ever) these would have cost $5.98 AND half of them would have been rotten. The 4lbs I got to day are PERFECTION!

Another great deal is on Fair Trade Bananas:

3 lbs of Bananas for merely:

You might be saying, what the heck do you do with 3lbs of bananas? I go home and chop up most of them and put them directly in the freezer for smoothies and other deliciousness!

One of my other Paleo standby’s is their AMAZING deal on Rotisserie Chicken

Since I do not know how or what they marinate this in, I take the skin off, but it is a delicious and last minute dinner. Plus, this is at least $2 cheaper than a grocery store chicken. In fact, you cannot even buy an uncooked bird for this cheap!

Last, but certainly not least, they have GREAT prices on Gas:


Here again, we have paid for our membership more than twice over in gas savings alone.

Do you belong to a Discount Warehouse? What are your types and tricks for saving money?


About paleorunnergirl

I am obsessed with cooking, running and reading! I teach American Literature at the college level, but enjoy books of all kind! After years of GI issues and being prescribed numerous medications, I found perfection in eating Paleo! I am no longer bloated, nauseous, or miserable on a daily basis. I have delved into creating Paleo recipe-making and embracing an active and playful life!

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  1. I like this breakdown! I’ve only been in a warehouse store once with a friend who had a membership and never though about getting my own. There is a BJs near my house (next to a trader joe’s which i always go to), so I think I will check it out next time I’m there. That Chobani price is pretty amazing. However, I was wondering, since they are a discount store do they take manufacturer’s coupons too? or no?

    • Bj’s is great at giving free trial memberships so you should totally check it out!

      I know Sam’s does not accept manufacturers coupons, but I am not sure about other discount warehouse stores. I think it might vary.

  2. I lovee warehouses. I feel like I’m stealing sometimes with the amazing prices! Our Sam’s club doesnt have any great food like yours seems to have, but I’ve been to a few BJ’s before that have amazing deals on really healthy food and tons of produce. I get so excited in those stores.. and the samples are a whole other story!

  3. That AB jar…OH MY!!! AB is like candy to me, I have no control – haha! It was that time of the month recently and I went nuts on the AB jar (no pun intended) and was telling a friend about my lack of self control and she laughed at me and said “most girls go crazy on a pint of ben & jerrys, you go crazy on almond butter!”….yeah 1-2 servings is acceptable, 5 is not!!! 🙂 Anyway, that was last week. This is a new week and I have my will power back! That is a killer price! I do love the taste of TJ’s creamy unsalted AB – it’s my favorite one out there. We don’t have a TJ’s here so my mom will usually send me a box of all my favorites. Also, the chicken at Sam’s is such a good deal! It’s bigger and cost much less than other grocery stores. Sometimes I get wild caught fish there, last time I bought a big box it lasted a really long time. Since we’re a family of two, I can’t justify buying such large quantities for just two people because I hate throwing things out but you’re spot on with all the things you listed. I usually get TP and paper towels there too! and Ash gets his razors there for a good deal too. Great post! 🙂

    • I know what you mean about AB! It is yummy! I cannot get enough of then apple + almond butter combo!

      Gosh, I miss having a TJ’s near by! They have GREAT nut butters!

      I totally agree with you on their meat prices! They have awesome deals! We actually don’t get TP or Paper towels because we have NO space for 500 rolls! I wish we did because it is so much more economical to buy them in bulk!

  4. We have a Costco near us. The hubs and I have been debating on whether or not to get a membership. I have heard great things about the deals people get there.

  5. i am definitely a costco girl. there is a sam’s club about 30 minutes from me but costco is like 5 minutes. i’ve never heard of bj’s though. that chobani is such a steal!!! they sell fage at my costco but i sometimes prefer chobani

  6. Sam’s Club is only a couple miles away from my house, so my family goes all the time! In fact, my mom was just there this morning and stocked up on Chobani greek yogurt. It really is crazy how much money you can save, especially for a big family of 7 like us!

  7. I think my husband’s mom just bought us a BJ’s membership! There are certain things from there that my husband really loves, but we haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. I’ve been to Sam’s before though & the deals are great!

  8. WOW! You sold me with the Chobani! That’s amazing!!!

  9. i JUST got a membership at costco and i love it…its so much fun!! i get worried though that i buy things i dont really need..just bc its fun haha. they sell that almond butter too and the price is great!

    • Amy, I totally know what you mean! The first time I went I bought EVERYTHING! I learned my lesson after that! Now, I don’t even let myself get a cart–I have to be able to carry everything out. It is a wonderful way to prevent impulse buys (and get big muscles!) 🙂

  10. I forgot about Sam’s. Seeing this makes me want to get my membership renewed! Mainly, for that almond butter!

  11. That is quite the deal on the yogurt! I want some!!!! ….The nearest Sam’s is 70 miles away bummer, but then again the nearest grocery store with more than 3 isles is 45 miles away, maybe I should drive the extra miles and go to Sams!! Those are some deals!!!!!

  12. I’m a costco member! But it’s pretty far away from my house so trips are pretty rare. We do stock up when we go though 😉 Great post! Always can use those money saving tricks!

  13. Wow what a deal on yogurt! Jealous my dear… although it wouldn’t last me too long, I go through that stuff like it’s my job 🙂

    • Tessa, you have no idea. I would EASILY go through 3 of those 32 oz containers in a week when I ate dairy. Chobani with a drizzle of honey was my kryptonite! We literally saved $30 the first month alone in yogurt savings! 🙂

  14. You are so good with the saving! I am so not! Haha. I used to belong to Costco, but we didn’t have the room to store the amount of stuff that we would buy there, so we ended our membership this year since we kinda stopped using it. Oops!

  15. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Will has a Costco membership so I mooch off of him for that. You sound much like me, I’m all in it for the almond butter and Greek Yogurt 🙂

  16. I used to have a Sam’s membership, but moved and now I am a member of Costco. I love the prices!


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