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Vitamin C Chicken and Paleo Chocolate Chip Mousse

Even though it has been almost 3 weeks since I got a cold/upper respiratory infection, I still have not been able to shake it. My nose is still stuffy and my head still feels all balloon-like! Consequently, I have been trying to get extra Vitamin C. Did you know that onions are GREAT sources of Vitamin C?! Plus, I can actually taste them with my stuffy nose = Double Win!


So I caramelized some onions and sauteed up some chicken, topped it all off with diced avocado and had a nourishing and healthy dinner! YUM!

Here is a picture tutorial of my Vitamin C Chicken and Onions (and avocado!) :

Olive Oil + Salt and Pepper

2 cups chopped onion

1-2 lbs chicken tenders ( I like the tenders because they cook quicker!)

1) Heat 1tbsp oil and onions over medium heat:

2) Add 1/2 tsp pepper and aΒ  couple dashed of salt and saute for 15 minutes (I add 1 tsp of sugar to aid in caramelization)

3) Add chicken and continue cooking for 15 -20 more minutes

4) Once the chicken is done cooking and the onions have cooked down, plate and serve plain, over a bed of greens, and I suggest topping it with avocado!

This was pre-avocado topping. Um, the avocado was AMAZING on top!

Dessert: Paleo Chocolate Chip Mousse

I have been storing a can of coconut milk in my fridge because I heard that if you chill it for at least 24 hours, you can whip it into cream. So that is what I did!

I took one of these:

1) I whipped this up in my Kitchen aid mixer for about 2 minutes on medium speed until stiff peaks formed:

2) I then melted 2/3 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips in the microwave on medium power

I then poured the melted chocolate into the coconut cream and it turned into a delicious chocolate chip mousse

This was SO yummy! I have stored the leftovers in the freezer and I curious if it will taste like ice cream later…YUM!


About paleorunnergirl

I am obsessed with cooking, running and reading! I teach American Literature at the college level, but enjoy books of all kind! After years of GI issues and being prescribed numerous medications, I found perfection in eating Paleo! I am no longer bloated, nauseous, or miserable on a daily basis. I have delved into creating Paleo recipe-making and embracing an active and playful life!

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  1. Ok, that chicken is seriously cheap. Groceries are so expensive where I live! I’d also never thought of adding sugar to aid in the carmelization, thanks for the tip!

  2. Wow. I like that idea for the mousse. Now I just need my Kitchenaid for Christmas, please! πŸ™‚

    • Oh goodness–I think if I had to be 100% honest, a large part of my decision to get married was to be able to register for a kitchen aid mixer! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It was easily the best gift I have ever received! I am a little sad that I decided to be all practical and get the silver–I totally should have gone with my gut and gone for the buttercup!

  3. Your dinner looks fantastic! I think that coconut choc thing would also make an excellent lunch personally! Im having a bit of weird thing about food at the moment – I got SO excited about autumn and brussels sprouts and squash and root veggies (as you’ll be able to tell from my recipes!) – then I went crazy eating ALL of them and now I feel kind of burnt out. Cooking a bit thanksgiving meal and barely looking forward to it – help!! Im not burnt out on onions tho, so may need to focus on them for a while! Yours look yummy – take care!

    • Emmy, I know what you mean. I have been eating sweet potatoes and broccoli like they are going out of style and now I don’t even want to look at them–problem! Same with almonds–what is with me?! I am awful, because when I like something, it is all I will eat for days, and then I get sick of it–I really need to learn moderation and variety!–even in the land of veggies!

  4. mmmm awesome last recipe there, definitely giving this a try for a quick dessert sometime!

  5. I can not believe that you were able to make that mousse! HOLY AMAZINGNESS!!! πŸ™‚ For real, I have quite the excited face on right now!!!

  6. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I saw that mousse idea on Pinterest but thought that it was too good to be true! Now that you’ve reassured me that it works, I’m totally going to be all over this πŸ˜€

  7. I’ve made such an easy mousse with Cool Whip and it was delicious! Coconut milk sounds even better!

  8. Ummm … LOVE LOVE LOVE this dessert!!! It sounds and looks wonderful! And it’s paleo? What a winner πŸ™‚

  9. So jealous of your Kitchenaid mixer! The mouse looks fabulous, yum πŸ™‚

  10. Yum! You go girl! I love your place setting πŸ™‚

  11. Kim @ Eat, Live, and Blog

    The chicken and the mousse look delicious!! πŸ™‚

  12. I love coconut mousse and your chocolate addition looks amazing!! How did it turn out in the freezer??

    • The texture was….interesting (read: total fail)! I am not sure if I need to chill it in the fridge instead…I am going to experiment! I want to try adding peppermint extract and see what it tasted like!

  13. PS. Tip for anyone trying the coconut mousse out, make sure to buy the full fat coconut milk, NOT the low fat version! πŸ™‚

  14. looks awesome!! i think i need to give paleo another try…not working at a bakery anymore so i might be able to do it! haha…after thanksgiving leftovers of course. πŸ™‚


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