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Our First House Hunting Trip

At the end of our whirlwind weekend in DC, we squeezed in a quick meeting with our realtor to see two houses.  This was actually the first time Chase and I have ever looked at houses together–it was SO real! I actually got nervous. Lots of butterflies in the stomach. I am such a dweeb!

So this was the first house we looked at:

Super cute, right?

It is located on this quiet little cul de sac. There were people walking dogs and mommy’s pushing baby strollers–um, perfection.

My favorite part of this house was all of the windows.

This is the family room and the dining room is peeking through on the right.  I love that it has a fireplace! I am thinking S’mores every.single.night.

I also love the sun-room

There is way to much dark, bulky furniture in this room. It needs some sunny, comfy furniture! I think I could live in this room with a few yellow and blue touches–maybe a bit of gingham?

The big problem with this house was the kitchen:

The kitchen is microscopic. No counter space, no cabinet space, no room! Our apartment kitchen is bigger–sadness.

I fear that this may be a deal-breaker in my book. I LIVE in my kitchen and this could not happen in this tiny room.

However, I did LOVE that the house had a screened in porch:

I love the sunny dining option! And it looks out on to the cute backyard!

I did, however,  like the bedrooms a lot.

Bedroom 1:

Our little brother was SUPER cute the whole time. He is totally a realtor-in-training. He opened every closet in every single room. If he could fit inside he would proclaim: “Wow, this is ANOTHER walk-in-closet.” In actuality, the house had maybe 1 real walk-in-closet. 🙂


Bedroom 2:

I think we decided this one would be a good future nursery…as in 2013…don’t get too excited.

Master bedroom:

Above is the basement. It is has the laundry room and space for a couch/tv or,  a workout room. I am DYING to get a treadmill. With the tile floor, I think it could work well.

However, the other issue with the house is that the second bathroom is in the basement. Strange.

How much do you love the Brady Bunch hand towels. 🙂

We also saw a second house:

It was a little bungalow. And the only thing I liked about this house was the kitchen:

It had a super cute eat-in space

However, the rooms were TINY. Our bed would not fit into any of them. Also, the neighborhood was a bit too “hip” for us. We want quiet and lots of space–the houses in this place were very close together and the area was high-traffic.

So ultimately the first house is still on the list, not at the top, but still has a place. The bungalow is OFF.

What is a deal-breaker or deal-maker for houses in your book? Do you like hip neighborhoods or more quiet residential places? Any house hunting tips?


About paleorunnergirl

I am obsessed with cooking, running and reading! I teach American Literature at the college level, but enjoy books of all kind! After years of GI issues and being prescribed numerous medications, I found perfection in eating Paleo! I am no longer bloated, nauseous, or miserable on a daily basis. I have delved into creating Paleo recipe-making and embracing an active and playful life!

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  1. An amazing kitchen, and because I live in NoLa, a yard is a must!!

    When I looked for houses (and decided to go with an apartment, but still had the same “musts”) if anything at all bothered me, and I couldn’t fix it with a reasonable amount of money, I turned away. But, at the same time, I’m super picky 🙂

    • I love your criteria. I am totally all about the yard! I also have very strict standards on the level of “fixing-up” required! I am definitely not a “handy” person, so move-in ready is definitely my cup of tea!

  2. How fun!!!! That first house is gorgeous!! Good luck finding the perfect place! I can’t wait to do that someday!

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I’m with you– a small kitchen would be a no-go in my book. Most of my miracles happen in that room!

  4. Small kitchen would be a deal breaker for me… that is where I like to spend the most time!

  5. Both houses are really cute! I like the first one, too! 🙂 I grew up on a cul de sac, and my neighbors and I loved playing in the circle, riding bikes, roller skating, etc. I’m excited for you!!

    • Yeah, I am all about the cul de sac! Chase grew up on one and has such GREAT memories! I really want that “close neighborhood” feel and that house had it. I just hope we can find more that do too!

  6. I really like the first house! Chris & I looked at a bungalow-style house & had the exact same problem with the bedrooms… there was NO WAY our stuff would fit! A deal-breaker for me is if a house needs MAJOR renovations. I’m not opposed to doing a little painting & touching-up here & there, but if the kitchen or bathroom(s) are awful, then I’m out! Good luck!!!

  7. Hahahaha, the comment about the walk-in closets made me laugh so hard.

    When my parents decided to move houses, my siblings and I were strongly against it. My older sister made a list of the top ten reasons why she hated the house that we were moving to and one of them included the fact that the driveway was too long. So apparently a too long driveway is a deal breaker!

    • I love the driveway qualification! That is NOT an issue in Bethesda–we will be lucky to even HAVE a driveway! And yeah, I am still giggling over the “millions” of walk-in closets–if only it were true!

  8. LOVE that first house- so cute! The kitchen is a super huge bummer but if is supposed to be, you will make it work for you! (believe it or not, my kitchen is even smaller. It only has about 2 square feet of counter space. I feel your pain!) A bad layout is a deal breaker for me- or no room to add on if I need to- or no good yard. Gosh, I’m hard to please 😉

    • It is tough because so many other aspects of the house were super wonderful–however, since it was the very first house we saw I figure we need to see more options! Any advice on how to make a small kitchen work?

  9. How exciting!!!! I agree, a small kitchen is a deal breaker for me, but if you think you can make it work, it’s worth trying if you love the rest of the house! I like the colors in the bungalow kitchen, but tiny bedrooms will haunt you forever if you don’t have enough space.

  10. When the Master Bedroom picture popped up, I was like, “is that Chase in ANOTHER WALK-IN CLOSET?!” haha! Looks like you guys had a great time. I love looking at houses and I can’t wait to live vicariously through you 🙂

    • Hahaha! I wish! Too bad it was the doorway! I really hope that looking at houses continues to be fun, but I have a feeling the stress is going to start creeping up as decision time comes closer. Maybe I will just let my bloggy readers pick the house! 🙂

  11. House hunting has to be sooo exciting! With being a mommy on my horizon I am really wanting a house lately. I have no clue if it’s in our near future or not, but either way, I’m excited for you! As for me, storage is a big deal-breaker. I want a basement so I have a place to put all the extras that aren’t needed for each season. And for our kitty litter… it’d be nice for that to be a bit more hidden!

    • I can only imagine the “nesting” instincts you must be feeling! After living in Philly for a while storage is a total “must have.” I will be SO excited when we do not have rubbermaids pouring out of every closet!

  12. That is so exciting!
    I agree, small kitchen is a big no no for me too. my parents house has the biggest kitchen ever and someday i would love to have one like it!!

  13. My husband and I looked at a COUNTLESS number of houses and I can tell you that I small kitchen also wouldn’t fly in my book. Another deal breaker was being near an airport and hearing ALL the planes flying overheard. We saw a beautiful house that had been flipped but I absolutely could not stand all the noise from the planes (we were there for 30 min. and heard two overhead).

    My best advice is really to just take your time. When we walked into the house that we eventually purchased I honestly could see myself living there (and I was secretly decorating in my head). I know it sounds super cheesy, but a house is like a wedding dress; when you know, you just know. I wish you the best of luck!

    • Oh gosh! I never thought of being close to an airport! I am going to have to put it on the list of things to watch out for! That would be awful!

      I love the wedding dress analogy! I am hoping to get that feeling! Maybe this weekend we will find the one! Thanks for the advice and keep it coming! 🙂

  14. My best friend was scared the kitchen in her apartment was going to be too small (and trust me kitchens in london apartments are SMALL) – but it has totally worked out and they have no problems with it – you can make it work. But then I havent seen any of your other options so maybe you’ll have better ones come up!

    My criteria when we buy will definitely be a yard. Tough in London but with a dog and those winter nights – brrrr – its SO important to me. I would kill for a yard in our current place (well obviously I wouldnt, but I would definitely make a lot of compromises – good luck!) xox

  15. After living in an extremely dark apartment a year ago, a house (or apartment) with alot of windows or sunlight is a MUST in my book. A nice kitchen is second, of course. The first house is cute – I really like the hard wood floors.

  16. Kim @ Eat, Live, and Blog

    I love going house hunting! It’s so much fun to see different types of houses. Hopefully I’ll get to go house hunting again once I get marry. 🙂

    Love the first house too, but I agree, the kitchen is pretty small.


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