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There will be no Groomes house this year.


Guys, I am not going to lie. I am pretty down in the dumps that the deal fell through.  We have decided to postpone the whole endeavor and move into an apartment for the first 6 months until we find a place.

We have lived in a 1 bedroom apartment for the past 5 years and I am SO sick of apartment living–especially since I primarily work from home.  I really wanted space! I wanted to paint and nest!  Currently, my couch doubles as my office and it looks like this may continue.  We are hoping to expand to a 2 bedroom apartment. I guess that is a happy thought.

The loss of the house on top of a CRAZY sinus infection and oober painful surgery on a cyst basically ran me into the ground. I will be taking a couple days off from blogland to recoup.

Farewell for now!


About paleorunnergirl

I am obsessed with cooking, running and reading! I teach American Literature at the college level, but enjoy books of all kind! After years of GI issues and being prescribed numerous medications, I found perfection in eating Paleo! I am no longer bloated, nauseous, or miserable on a daily basis. I have delved into creating Paleo recipe-making and embracing an active and playful life!

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  1. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon, Sally Anne! Buying a house is a huge decision and while it is exciting, you certainly do not want to have any feelings of regret. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason–maybe things didn’t work out as planned because something better is coming your way in the future? Whatever the reason is, I’m sure it will all work out in the end. XO!

  2. Oh sweetie I am so sorry!!!! Just remember EVERYTHING has a reason and what is meant to be will happen and eventually you will see the reasons…Hope you feel better soon.



  3. I’m so sorry. God has another plan…must be a better plan.

  4. I am so sorry to hear that! What a rough week, I really hope you feel better soon. Just remember that everything happens for a reason, and you’re sure to find the house of your dreams next time around! xoxo!

  5. I’m sorry. I know the pain of loosing a potential house you love. Cry, treat yourself, heal.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear the news, Sally Anne. I hope that you feel better, and we are all here if you need anything!!

  7. Oh no! Sorry that it feel through — you KNOW I can sympathize with you on this one! Buying a house has turned out to be quite a process & one that definitely requires patience. I hope that things work out & you won’t have to be in an apartment for too long.

    I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, too! I hope you have a speedy recovery. 🙂

  8. What a true bummer! It is so hard when you were looking forward to something to your very core- He is in control and His timing is better than our own. Hugs! ….. Surgery? That’s not cool- I’m truly sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I hope you are able to get back to feeling like yourself super soon! 🙂

  9. Awww! I’m so sorry! Feel better soon!!

  10. That is REALLY disappointing. I know how you feel – so ready to be out of an apartment as well. Hope you can find something more spacious. Feel better soon, Sally Anne!!!!!!!

  11. Aw girl! Im sorry sounds like you had a blah weekend 😦
    I am bummed we probably wont be in the house buying market for another few years so we are also making due in an apartment but I always try to look at the good things about it like “well, it is cozy, we have a gym, and theres a pool!”
    it will work out, and I hope you are feeling better son 🙂

  12. Oh no! So sorry to hear that… but everything happens for a reason, and while it may not be clear now… one day it will and you’ll think “that’s why that didn’t work out”… hope you feel better soon!!

  13. Oh I am SO sorry- we had a house fall through and it was SO stressful. Lost a ton of money and TIME and it was just such a headache. BUT (at the risk of sounding cheesy) it was all for the best. I hope you feel better soon too! Sending LOTS of love and hugs your way!! xox

  14. Oh you poor thing..I will be praying for your housing situation and your body for a quick recovery. Stay positive girl!

  15. Oof, hope you feel better 😦 I just went through the most exhausting four weeks of my life, and I’m proud to report I’ve snapped back and feel good as new. Sending good vibes your way and hoping things look up for you soon, lady!

  16. Oh no! I’m really sorry to hear the bad news 😦 But usually when something negative happens something positive is soon to follow! Keep your chin up woman!

  17. 😦 I’m so sorry! I am sure that you must feel devastated. Just remember that all of your blogging community is for you and we will all be here when you are ready to come back. Take care of yourself!

  18. Awwww love I am so so sorry to hear this! Take a break, that is so fine of course and come back when you are ready. we are here for you ❤

  19. aw Sally Anne! I am so sorry, I know how excited you were. Hang in there 😦

  20. oh Sally Anne~thanks for sharing about your vida loca! It really sounds hectic right now, but don’t give up and I’m sure you know everything has a purpose and better things come along when we wait….I’ll be praying for you and your sinus! I know it feels terrible to battle sinus infections. Love ya girl ❤


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