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Frugal Frog

I love having fun, but I also love saving money!  Here are a list of posts that show easy ways to be a Frugal Frog:

First Frugal Frog Friday

Frugal Frog: Weekend I

Frugal Frog: Weekend II

Frugal Frog: Weekend III

Frugal Frog: Weekend IV

Frugal Frog: Weekend V

Frugal Frog: Weekend VI

Frugal Frog: Grocery Shopping

Frugal Frog: Trader Joe’s

Frugal Frog: Discount Warehouses

Frugal Frog: Mystery Shopping

Frugal Frog: Consigning Clothes

Frugal Frog: Homemade Coconut Butter

Frugal Frog: Homemade Apple Butter

Frugal Frog: Birthday Freebies

Frugal Frog: Fairmont Hotels

Frugal Frog: Paleo Crockpot Chicken


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  1. Oh my word. I have to learn your ways. I spend tons of money on groceries! Seriously $100 here and $80 there! For two people!! I’ve been trying to get it under control!! Lol. But I do like grocery shopping. I lived in the DR the last few years so now I’m in awe of all the variety and products available every time I go in! And I love to get Starbucks in the grocery store. More expensive habits… lol

  2. I cannot even imagine coming home to American grocery stores after living in the Dominican! I would go CRAZY! I am seriously such a grocery store addict–they are my happy place! Having a meal plan and forbidding impulse buys is key to frugal success. However, it is not as fun.

  3. I need to get better at meal planning! That is my goal for the next few months! I do the same thing, I go to the grocery store and get a bunch of random stuff and have no idea how it will go together. Then I think of a recipe and stop by the grocery store on the way home after work to get the remaining ingredients…. every day! It has got to change! I hate wasting money and throwing out food i haven’t used! I have recently got really into couponing and now I want to take it to the next level and am trying to combine the couponing organization with good planning!

  4. Nice work! I just stumbled across your blog and realized that you live in PA! I grew up in the Bethlehem area but now my husband and I live in Pittsburgh!

  5. Great job on the savings!

  6. awesome! i love when people show eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Trader Joe’s is also an excellent place to get affordable groceries.


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