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Bloggy Love (Blogroll!)

Here are a list of my favorite bloggy friends! They are a great group of bloggers–I very much recommend checking them out!

(If you are not on this list and would like to be, PLEASE let me know!!!)

A Healthy and Happy Heart: Amy’s blog is all about faith, fitness, food, and fun. She is also pregnant and documenting her joyful journey!

AliWentPaleo: Ali’s blog is all paleo recipes (and some stuff about managing grad school and crossfit). Mostly, however, it’s just Ali trying to cook good food.

Alicia Blogs: Alicia blogs about her amazing adventures as a married couple, her pregnancy,  favorite gluten-free and paleo recipes, and more.

Amazing Asset: Tessa’s blog documents her passion for nutrition, running, and fitness while also telling her story and struggles with breaking away from disordered eating.

AndreaOutLoud: Andrea is a working, eating, exercising , wine-drinking, brown-dog-loving, sarcastic, busy body who recently picked up and moved 4400 miles from her home in Alaska all the way to her new home  in central North Carolina

Caloric and Crazy: Her blog shares healthy product reviews, recipes, and stories from her busy life as a college student. 

Corrie Anne: Aside from having the best middle name in the world, Corrie Anne is a wonderful blogger who shares yummy recipes, challenging workouts, and adorable pictures of her dog, Boyd!

Crazy Running Girl:Lora’s blog is all about one girl running her way through the big city in New York, with some random adventures thrown in the mix… along with crazy cat lady stories, recipes and product reviews.

Eat, Live, and Blog: Kim is a self proclaimed foodie and fashionista, photography loving, 20 something college student sharing her simple story which includes food, fashion, photography, daily musing, and sometimes not so funny jokes.

Fitviews: Kerri is a fellow paleo blogger who shares amazing product reviews, recipes, and exercise tips and ideas!

FitForTheSoul: Ellie shares delicious recipes, healthy food and exercise tips and lots of other fun stories!

Flopoodle: Kathryn is a foodie, healthy living fanatic, and full-time working girl on a mission to live a healthy and active lifestyle

FoodieBeFit: Adri is a runner, wife, and mother who shares yummy recipes, and health and fitness tips!

For the Sake of Cake: Erica is a 25-year-old newlywed who is working on balancing a love for all things sweet (especially cake!) with an otherwise healthy diet.

Hooked on Healthy: Samantha is a fellow Paleo eater. She is passionate about her family, fitness and Paleo Nutrition. 

Itty Bits of Balance: Brittany is a twenty-something year old student and turkey bacon connoisseur living in Orlando, Florida with a passion for food, fitness, and faith.

Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill: Colleen is obsessed with fashion, fitness, and living a healthy lifestyle. She also has the most amazing closet ever. I want to live in it.

Karma Kristin: Kristin’s blog is all About health and happiness and trying to survive both!

KatieDid: Katie is a picture taking, food loving, ex-runner, self- proclaimed bacon enthusiast, who eats amazing food and posts incredibly gluten-free recipes. 

Life in the Fast Layne: A glimpse into the interesting moments of Layne’s life as a nursing student and midshipman at the University of Michigan.

Miss Magnolia Munches & Moves: Rebecca is a healthy living blogger who shares Southern recipes and amazing stories about her life in New Orleans. 

My Tracks: Krystie’s blog tracks her fitness, diet and daily thoughts on her life, running, and surviving the next couple of years in college.

Oh, ladycakes: This blogger shares gorgeous photos of insanely yummy and healthy recipes. 

OurDream, Made Out of Real Things: Michelle is a newlywed graduate student who blogs about her life and shares healthy recipes and fun information and stories!

Peanut Butter and Deadlifts: This amazing blogger can be found deadlifting for fun and eating peanut butter like it’s her job… Join her on the many shenanigans that happen while simply living life!

Pamcakes and Coffee: Pam’s is a 20-something Physician Assistant living outside Philly. She has a huge interest in food, fitness …and coffee!

Southern Charm: Liz’s blog is about having the time of my life, while trying to live a healthy, balanced life in New Orleans!

Spinach and Sprinkles: Julie is a teacher who is dedicated to finding sprinkles of joy and health all around her. She posts very yummy and healthy recipes–with sprinkles, of course!

Stink and Hincks: This blog was created by two best friends who live in different cities. The blog about their times and turmoils outside of Michigan: Hincks in Cincinnati and Stink in New York City.

Wine & Butter: Emmy is my bloggy sister who lives in London and blogs delicious and amazing recipes and health news.  She is a WEALTH of information and loads of fun!

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  1. Thanks for adding me on here! I just noticed that for some dumb reason, you are not on mine yet. THAT will be changed right now. 😛

  2. Yay!! Thanks for the shout out!

  3. Thanks for adding me! When I get to creating a blogroll, I’ll be sure to add yo!

  4. So many great blogs to read.. Not enough time in the day 🙂 Thank you for sharing! Thank goodness for my net news Reader 😉

  5. Aww, thanks for adding me to your list of bloggy friends!!

  6. Thanks so much for putting me on here!!! xoxo


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