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Be Back Soon!

We are rendezvousing with my parents in New York City as a pre-medical school graduation present for Chase!

I promise to be back with a full report!

Misses and Kisses!

Confessions and a Recipe

Confession #1: Whenever I have a cold or sinus infection, I still buy children’s grape Sudfed because it tastes so dang delicious.  It makes being sick much less awful.



Confession #2: When I grow up I want to own a Bed & Breakfast.

Confession #3: I still watch “Full House” and “Sister Sister” whenever they are on TV.




Confession #4:  I am terrified of going to the dentist because he is going to be sad at me for brushing my teeth too hard (and making my gums recede). I keep procrastinating making an appointment.

Confession #5: Sometimes I go to Lowe’s just to walk down the lumber aisle and smell that amazing lumber aroma.


Confession #6: I have a serious sweet tooth.  I am one of those girls that needs desserts.  I am actually a born and bred cake addict, but since gluten and I just do not get along, I have had to figure out more creative ways to get a dessert fix.

Confession #7: I am too lazy and too frugal to search for and buy alternative gluten-free “flours.” I would just prefer to eat buttercream frosting sans cake and crust-less pie = pudding! My new favorite paleo-friendly dessert is  pumpkin pie pudding.

Paleo Pumpkin Pudding

1 can (15 oz) pumpkin

1 cup coconut milk

1 tbsp molasses

1 tsp vanilla

2 extra large (or 3 large eggs)

½ cup brown sugar

1 ½ tsp cinnamon

½ tsp ginger

¼ tsp cloves

¼ tsp nutmeg

1)      Whisk all ingredients together

2)      Pour/Strain through a sieve,  sifter or food mill

3)      Bake in a water bath at 350 degrees for 40 minutes

4) Chill until ready to eat!

Do you have any confessions?

Favorite Things Right Now

Hi Everyone!

As I am currently working in the online division of a university (teaching writing) and I am about to start teaching 2 online literature courses I have found myself wanting to throw my computer out the window.  I feel like I live with a keyboard in front of my face at ALL times.  Consequently, in the hour of free times I can squeeze out each day, the LAST place I want to be is in front of my computer. This is why I have been sort of the worst blogger ever lately. SORRY!

However, I am going to try my hardest to be a good little blogger this week! So I am going to begin this week on a positive note–with a list of my current favorite things! There are several things I am REALLY loving right now:

1) Iced Tea:

I am really LOVING iced tea.  I got back on an iced tea kick when I was at the conference with Mumsie last month.  She is an avid tea drinker and it tastes sooo good to me right now.  I have a feeling the unseasonably warm weather right now is definitely adding to the deliciousness!  I think I am going to buy a few limes and try to make lime-infused iced tea tomorrow!

2) Alias:

For some reason I completely missed the ALIAS boat 10 years ago.  However, Chase and I decided to add it to our Netflix queue and Chase and I are officially addicted! It is so good. Jennifer Garner is so stinking cute.  I also love that each episode is like a mini movie. Any other fans out there?


3) Strawberries: I picked up a GIANT package of strawberries at the store this weekend and they are almost gone.  They taste AMAZING. I feel like I can taste summer in each and every bite.  Have you ever tried coconut butter on strawberries–trust me, you should.


4)  Neighborhood Walks:  I have been going on so many walks with the babies lately.  Soaking in a bit of sun is simply wonderful.  Also, having lived in an apartment the last 5 years, I LOVE walking in their neighborhood.  I miss living in a neighborhood.  I love all of the friendly waves and dreaming about which house I would pick.

5) Peeps Store: No, this is not a mirage–this store actually exists and it just opened 3 miles away from us! Since the Peeps factory is in Bethlehem (the city where I live), it is basically the Peep factory of the world.  They JUST opened this store and it is basically Peep heaven!  While I do not actually like the taste of Peeps, I cannot get over how cute they are and the level of adorableness that is this store.

How can you not love a giant Peep Bunny pillow?!


What are your favorite things right now?



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Paleo-ish Day of Eats

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for no posting as of late. There has been quite a bit going on over here! Probably the BEST thing happening is the weather–Spring has SPRUNG!!!

It is officially maxi-dress season–wooohooo!

Lately I am in a bit of a meal rut–however, I love what I am eating. If it is not broken, don’t fix it, right?

My regular breakfast is looking a lot like this:

Lots of water, mashed sweet potatoes, and Trader Joe’s applesauce (not the whole jar…)

For lunches, I have been totally loving Green Smoothies.  I think the warm weather has definitely made it all the more tasty!

Green Smoothie (Coconut milk, frozen banana, cinnamon and spinach) + drizzles of coconut butter = DELICIOUS!

My favorite snacks of late are the following:

Almonds and Raisins = salty and sweet



Pickles straight from the jar (yes, I took this picture in my car…I was running errands and saw pickles at the grocery store and needed to eat one IMMEDIATELY after getting into the car….no judgment people).

And, of course,

Trader Joe’s Kettle corn…so good!

Dinners have been many variations of the same theme:

Grilled chicken on salads–lately I have been loving a drizzle of balsamic vinegar or balsamic reduction in place of dressing–so yummy!  I keep expecting to get sick of chicken, but so far it has not happened.


What meals have you been loving lately? Does anyone else get in “happy” meal ruts? Do you feel the need to change it up?

PaleoRunnerGirl gets crafty

First of all, thank you so much for your hobby suggestions! I loved them and it made me very exciting to dive into the world of extra-curricular activities!

I actually embraced my first hobby yesterday–I decided to get crafty.  And let me tell you, this is the first time I have been crafty since probably middle school–I am NOT artsy in any way, shape, or form. But I was inspired by Pinterest and I decided to dive in!

I saw an amazing desk chair transformation by Joy from and decided to give it a go. You can see her more professional and legit endeavor HERE.

I gleaned from her process and adapted it to my lack of sewing and inability-to-follow directions nature.

I started off with your average, run-of-the-mill desk chair.


Guys, despite being SO comfortable, this thing is such and eyesore. It is boring and just so man-chair-esque.

I began by pulling out our tool kit (probably a first…) and taking the chair partially apart.

I then went to Lowes and bought a can of $4 white spray paint and got to work painting the bottom part and the arms.

I then went to Walmart to pick out fabric. Let me tell you, that was no easy task–there were SO many options.  I wanted to do something with polka dots, but they didn’t have any good polka dot colors–sadness. Then I decided my two requirements were: 1) Girly and 2) Will match my future yellow office!

Drum roll please:



So I have no idea how to sew. I can sew a button on a shirt (very poorly), but that is the extent of my sewing skills. Thus, the key to my chair-making was this little guy:


Yep–glue! This little beauty was my BFF!

I also loved using these tiny little yellow pins to hold awkward corners in place.

I like to think of them like buttons!

Aren’t the little white legs cute?

I am pleased with the turnout, I am just telling people not to look too close!

With the paint, glue, and fabric, this chair project cost $27. I think it was worth every penny! It makes me actually excited to grade papers for the rest of my life. And, it is going to look darn good in my future yellow study! 🙂

Are you crafty? Any crafting suggestions or websites I should check out? I need to find my next project!

In Need of a Hobby!

Much to my utter sadness, my time with these two cuties is quickly coming to an end…

(The girls love saying “ahhhhh” and having me look at their throat with a flashlight…I have trained them well!)

My hours nannying are gradually diminishing as we get closer to our moving date in May.  While I recognize that this is, in fact, ideal, my heart aches in anticipation of actually leaving the twins.  Seriously, I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

This means that for the next 6 weeks I have a bit of extra free time on my hands.  In May I will begin teaching two college literature courses (on top of my full-time job…yeah, I have issues with whole “saying no!” thing). With this in mind, I want to be sure to take some time to relax BUT I SUCK AT IT. I am literally the WORST relaxer on the face of the earth. It actually makes me super angsty and I begin cleaning everything.

Consequently, I am officially looking for a hobby. Any recommendations? I have always considered running a hobby, but a girl can only run so many miles every day. I also love cooking, but there again, you can only cook so much when you only live with one person.

Perhaps we should get a pet…

(This is a picture of our one and only pet–our fish–Kathleen Kelly.  We actually had to re-gift our fish to a friend because it turned out to be too much responsibility…)

I keep gravitating toward the idea of getting a pet, but I know that this is NOT the right time with the whole move coming up and the fact that once May comes, both Chase and I will be working 24/7.

Chase suggested that we start rock climbing….


I have no idea why since the last time I climbed ANYTHING was at least a decade ago. I am probably one of the most accident prone people in the world, so boulders are probably a no-go for me.

I plan on reading books:

These in particular….

However, reading hundreds of graduate papers is still my full time job, so I don’t exactly want to be reading 24/7.

What are your hobbies? Any suggestions? What would you do in my situation?

AWP Part II and Bad Travel Luck

This weekend was filled with writing, writing, and more writing.  I attended sessions about writing, talked about writing, and, in every free moment, I was working which entailed reviewing graduate student writing.


There was a GREAT deal of iced tea consumed this weekend. Whenever I hang out with Mumsie–iced tea always tastes so dang good. I guess all of her Southerness rubs off on me!

Speaking of Southern, probably one of the best, and very Southern foods that we encountered this weekend, was Sweet Potato soup.

I think I have had sweet potato soup one other time, years ago, and oh boy! This soup was delicious! We found it at a little restaurant in downtown Chicago called the Custom House.



My mom has entrusted me with the challenge to replicate this soup as soon as possible.  Does anyone have any good sweet potato soup recipes they want to share?

Yesterday was spent running all around Chicago Midway airport!


Do you ever have a travel day where nothing can go right? That is what happened to me.  You see, both my mom and I were flying out of Chicago Midway airport, but we were on 2 different airlines.  Our departures were around the same time so we shared a taxi to the airport.  During the whole 30 minute ride our driver was screaming in a different language and coughing up a lung (and NOT covering his cough). It was so stinking stressful! Plus, we were running a little late so this just added to the angst.

When we finally arrived at the airport, I wanted to be sure to be the one lifting my mom’s suitcases because she was not feeling well and the last thing she needed was to carry baggage.  I got her bags checked in and then sprinted to the baggage check for my flight–of course there was only 1 person working.  Needless to say, after more waiting and stressing, I got through to security but, in my hurry, I  had completely missed the chance to say goodbye to Mumsie.  This just would not do, so I stalked the flight info and found out which gate she was departing from and RAN from my terminal (C) all the way to the end of terminal B to find her.  I was able to say goodbye and hug her one last time and then run to back to my terminal (in heels, by the way.)

Once I made it to my terminal, and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief, I checked my back pocket for my boarding pass and IT WAS NOT THERE. In all the hullabaloo, I had managed to lose my pass.  I thought this would not be a big deal and just walked up to the gate agent and asked if I could get a new pass printed–no such luck. Of course, she had no computer access in this terminal and I would need to go to terminal A to get a new pass. So I went running through the airport once again–knowing that boarding would begin in 10 minutes.  Let’s just say that I am now the fastest high-heeled runner EVER.

I was able to get back to my gate (with a new boarding pass in hand) in time, and as I was boarding I was, of course, selected to be searched by TSA.  I guess my frazzled look and Ann Taylor sweater set made me look like a person of interest–COME ON PEOPLE! However, I tried really hard to happily oblige and kept my mouth shut.GAH!

After a happily uneventful layover in Detroit, I made it back home to Bethlehem.


The second I walked into our apartment I banished my heels to the back of my closet and was dressed in my PJs in less than 1 minute. Chase and I had a glorious night in and caught up on our TV shows–a little Office and Criminal Minds.  I then managed to fall asleep before 9:00PM. It was awesome.

Do you have any traveling horror stories? How was your weekend? What is your ideal Sunday night?